How do I get travel insurance in Singapore?

How do I get travel insurance in Singapore?

One cannot say for certain what happens when we are travelling. For instance, due to unlikely weather conditions, flights can get cancelled. In order to be prepared for all situations, we are going to look at how one can get trip travel insurance in Singapore.

How do I get travel insurance in Singapore?

For getting travel insurance in Singapore, you need to first select which type of travel insurance you want. Like, for example, there are different types of travel insurance plans that are available for people who are travelling with a partner, family members, or alone. To make it convenient for you, we have listed some of these plans below that you can choose from.

  • Group plan

In case you are travelling in more than a single group, it is more convenient to opt for a group plan. The advantages of choosing a group plan are similar to opting for an individual plan. But, you get more benefits when you consider the group discounts that reduce the overall cost. If you want, you can also alter and personalise the group insurance plan as per the requirements of each group.

  • Single plan

If you are going on a solo trip to Singapore, you can opt for a single plan. But, if you want to travel to Singapore more than once a year, you must look into other travel insurance plans.

  • Family plan

Family trips require family travel insurance plans. Each insurer has different restrictions and policies that vary as per the age limits. So, instead of going for several travel insurance policies, you can make a cost-effective decision and choose the family plan.

  • Individual plan

The individual plan offers coverage for one or two individuals. In this plan, you can get auto insurance for your child, partner, or any other family member.

  • Annual plan

No matter how many trips you take to Singapore each year, an annual travel insurance plan will offer extensive coverage. Moreover, it covers each trip for a period of ninety-two days. So, for multiple trips around the year, this is the best travel insurance for you.

Coverage of travel insurance in Singapore

If you get travel insurance in Singapore as an international visitor, you will get health coverage. In addition, travel insurance in Singapore also helps you in other ways. For instance, while you are travelling to Singapore, you can experience flight delays, loss of baggage, and cancelled flights. Natural disasters and bad weather can affect your travelling plans. This can lead to a loss of your money. To avoid such things from happening, you can look for travel insurance plans in Singapore.

When you choose a travel insurance plan in Singapore, you not only get medical coverage during emergencies but also other coverage that includes lost luggage, delays, and disruptions. If you get all these benefits in a single plan, you will get to have maximum benefits within your budget.

If you think that you will have to terminate your trip short, you will require looking for travel insurance plans that provide trip cancellation benefits. However, you will need to figure out the difference between cancellation of trips and cancellation for any particular reason. Once you understand the difference between the two, you will be able to choose your travel insurance plan accordingly.

Cost of travel insurance in Singapore

You can search how to get car insurance quotes in Singapore online. The cost of your travel insurance in Singapore will differ as per the number of members in your travel group, the number of days in your trip, and the type of coverage that you choose.

Generally, with increasing risk, the premiums will increase. For instance, if you need travel insurance coverage for a month, it will cost more than the travel insurance coverage for a week. Travellers who are old will need to spend more as they have a high risk of medical issues. So, the cost of travel insurance in Singapore varies in different situations.

Advantages of travel insurance in Singapore

When you choose a travel insurance plan in Singapore, you will receive two different kinds of benefits.

  • Medical

If you or any of your family members fall ill during your trip to Singapore, your travel insurance will cover all the medical expenses. In addition, if you or any member of your group has an accident, your travel insurance will provide you with the necessary coverage. So, if you or anyone else has to be transported to the hospital, your travel insurance will offer emergency evacuation.

  • Inconvenience during travel

In this category, your travel insurance plan will cover everything, including flight delays and cancellations. If you happen to lose your baggage or if it gets damaged in some way, your travel insurance plan will help. Besides, if you want, you will also be able to change the dates of your travel.


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