How To Use Business Loans To Grow A Small Business

How To Use Business Loans To Grow A Small Business

Small business owners seek out business loans for many reasons, including expanding their operations, increasing working capital or purchasing equipment.

Businesses seeking additional capital have several financing options available to them, including applying for a business loan through banks or nontraditional lenders.

Expanding Business Operations

Business loans are one of the primary ways that small businesses use to expand, including entering new markets or increasing production capacity. Though it is necessary to carefully consider all costs and benefits prior to investing in any business expansion strategy, having access to capital makes this type of investment much simpler than it otherwise would be.

Utilizing a business loan to invest in upgraded equipment can be an excellent way to increase productivity and give the business a more professional image in the eyes of clients. Loans may also be used for hiring additional staff – an integral step toward growth – while in some cases business owners use loans for merger and acquisition transactions which often take months of preparation, yet can yield big rewards for small business owners.

At times, small businesses use business loans to improve their brand image or upgrade facilities, with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction while simultaneously driving sales growth. But it is essential that care be taken when selecting which projects to fund; business loans should never be used for gambling or other speculative ventures.

Increasing Working Capital

Business loans offer an effective means of increasing working capital without selling equity or ceding control of their company. They’re especially helpful if you want to pursue growth opportunities or expand existing operations but lack enough cash flow. A line of credit provides additional working capital; businesses using accounts receivable as collateral may use accounts receivable as a backup measure in case their liquid assets don’t cover all their needs.

Business loans can also help cover ongoing operational expenses such as rent for physical locations, gas, utilities and internet services. Unaddressed expenses quickly add up, leading to financial strain if left unaddressed.

Business loans can also be used to expand marketing initiatives. This is an excellent way to attract new customers while keeping existing ones coming back for more – search engine advertising, social media campaigns and events are just some of the many methods of doing this. Nine percent of Square loans given out for this purpose. Hiring additional staff during peak seasons such as Christmas can also help ensure demand can be met smoothly without overloading employees leading to higher turnover rates and employee burnout.

Purchasing Equipment

Business loans can be used for purchasing equipment like office furniture and computers as well as manufacturing tools and inventory. Investing in new tools is crucial to running any successful enterprise; thus dedicating loan funds towards purchasing it would be an opportune use of loan dollars.

Covering personal expenses or funding risky investments are generally prohibited when taking out business loans; however, if your tax bill or other unforeseen expense requires some money from your loan for payments to help offset that burdensome bill or expense it might make sense to use some of it in that way.

Hiring is another effective use for business loan funds, particularly if you anticipate a seasonal surge in customer growth or need to meet an unusual demand (think tax preparation or food trucks). If team quality is an issue, hiring additional staff with business loan funds might help solve that issue – on-boarding and payroll costs can add up, but investing in the future of your company might prove well-worth your while – just take your time in finding quality candidates as incompetent employees could harm rather than benefit your customer retention efforts. Adding incompetent employees might do more harm than good; hiring competent employees keeps customers coming back for more.


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