Take advantage of SBI’s retirement plan and live your dream life

Take advantage of SBI’s retirement plan and live your dream life

A pension plan is an important component of a sound financial strategy for planning retirement. The situation for senior citizens in India is not particularly good. It is becoming more and more crucial for everyone to plan for and prepare for retirement due to the rising expense of living. The greatest way to guarantee that you will have some money yet after you retire is through a pension plan. Consider looking into the various pension plans provided by SBI Life if you haven’t enrolled in a pension plan and are eager to do so.

SBI Life Pension Plans provides various types of retirement plans for planning retirement

When it comes to pension plans, SBI offers three different sorts to its customers. All three programs respond to the various needs of different customers. Let us go over each of the three plans in depth for people planning retirement.

  • Saral Pension – SBI Life

A basic plan featuring a bonus option is the Saral Pension Plan. The ordinary premium deferred annuity plan has a time range ranging from 10 to 40 years. If in any case, the policyholder dies during the period of the policy then the death benefit gets equal to the premium amount paid with a compound interest of 0.025 percent, vested simple reversionary bonus, and terminal bonus too.

It is up to the beneficiary to choose the annuity or lump sum method for payment to get the death benefit. The numerous maturity benefits of the Saral Pension Plan increase its allure towards planning retirement.

  • SBI Life – Retire Wisely

It’s a type of nonparticipant ULIP pension plan.Until the 5-year term expires, the policyholder may also abandon the associated insurance products entirely or in part. The guaranteed additions, which begin at 10% of the annual premium in the 15th year of the policy and continue each year until the plan’s expiration, are by far this plan’s most important benefit. The policyholder will receive the greater of the account balance (including guaranteed and terminal additions) or their initial investment when the policy matures. The guaranteed retirement corpus also adds stability to the arrangement. Because it assures your retirement years, the plan is very well-liked. You can choose to pay premiums regularly or for a specific amount of time under the plan.

  • Annuity Plus from SBI Life

The Annuity Plus plan from SBI Life is an ordinary, non-participating immediate annuity program for anyone up for planning retirement. An annuity is paid out in accordance with the option and frequency chosen after the single premium has been deposited into the plan. It provides you with a complete range of possibilities (annuity options) upon payment of a single premium. Knowing that your annuity will be steady and even for the rest of your life will give you peace of mind. The payout choices are as follows:

An accidental death benefit rider with a 50 lakh rupee coverage is possible with this plan.

In addition, higher annuity rates are available in the event of higher premiums. In addition, greater annuity rates are available in the event of higher premiums.

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