What to know about Andrew Tate’s new membership-based website?

What to know about Andrew Tate’s new membership-based website?

Andrew Tate has launched a membership-based website called “Andrew Tate’s Positivity”. He has built a brand based on his opinions on wealth, masculinity, and relationships. Through this new venture, he hopes to spread his philosophy through a paid digital platform. Andrew Tate is a British-American former kickboxer turned internet celebrity. It was in 2016 that he became popular thanks to his participation in the reality TV show Big Brother. Following the release of a video showing him hitting a woman with a belt, he was removed from the show.

After Big Brother, Tate gained a large following online by promoting a luxurious and abrasive lifestyle. He flaunted his wealth through social media, including photos with fancy cars and private jets. Tate also offered a paid webcam business where he claimed men could learn how to become rich like him. Tate has garnered criticism for expressing misogynistic views and advocating for traditional gender roles. In 2022, Tate was banned from major social media platforms for breaching community guidelines around hate speech. Tate has a loyal following of mostly young men attracted by his brash persona and supposed path to wealth. This audience is the target market for his new membership platform. The Positivity membership website promises to give members access to Andrew Tate’s success lessons. “We provide you with the keys to build your wealth and become a well-rounded, positive individual”.

Membership levels range from $39.99 per month for basic access up to $249.99 per month for Tate’s “War Room” which includes direct messaging and live cam chats. Fitness, mental health, and relationships courses can also be purchased individually.  Tate’s site includes sections on male empowerment and what it means to be a “Top G”. join the real world reviews his worldview in articles, podcasts, and videos. Other parts of the site function as an e-commerce store selling Andrew Tate branded merchandise. Using Tate’s guidance, members might “radically change their lives”. However, critics say the advice perpetuates toxic attitudes and false promises.

Key features of the website

Here are some of the notable features available to members of Andrew Tate’s Positivity:

  • Exclusive content – Members can access videos, podcasts, and articles not available anywhere else. It includes “behind-the-scenes” looks into Tate’s lifestyle.
  • Courses & eBooks – Pre-recorded courses claim to teach wealth-building strategies, fitness regimens, mental health techniques, and relationship advice. Members also purchase eBooks expanding on these topics.
  • Q&A Forums – There are moderated forums where members ask Tate and other “Top Gs” direct questions and get feedback.
  • Live Events – Tate hosts live video chats, webinars, and phone calls exclusively for members. It offers direct access to speak with him.
  • Discounts – Members get discounted pricing on additional courses, eBooks, event tickets, and merchandise sold through the website.
  • Networking – There are networking opportunities through forum groups and chats to connect with other like-minded members.
  • Advice Hotline – Paid phone and email hotlines promise personalized advice and life coaching directly from Tate and his team.

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